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Keystone, Colorado
Fox Run, Colorado

Fox Run is a mountain home in Keystone, Colorado. The owners wished to add a master suite onto the existing 4,500-square-foot house to better accommodate the needs of their growing family. M.O.D..E designed a new 600-square-foot master suite on the main floor that would complement the home’s south elevation.

M.O.D.E. strategically situated the addition on the west end of the south side of the home—one of its less attractive sections—and placed the new square footage in front of garage. This allowed us to neatly merge the floor plan of the addition with that of the house and break up the roofline to tie in with the existing gables of the elevation. The addition included a new master bedroom, master bath, master closet and sitting area. M.O.D.E. also designed and plumbed a storage area below the master suite to accommodate a future accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or bunk house.