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M.O.D.E. (Modern Organic Dwelling Environments) is a design studio that specializes in ecological, sustainable, modern residential design. We work closely with our clients to create unique living spaces that meet their individual needs and reflect their personal vision and lifestyle.


At M.O.D.E., there are no boundaries. Using our expertise in ecological and sustainable design principles, we have completed a wide range of projects in six different states and five different climate zones. Let us show you what we can do for you.


A truly collaborative environment. Our approach to design involves our clients and builders at every phase. We believe the only way to truly embrace and evoke our clients true vision is to have all the players and information for every decision. Thus, turning every element into an enjoyable experience so that the only surprise for our client is beauty and delight.

chip maguire
committed to sustainable, ecological residential design for over 17 years.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in fine art and sculpture, Chip developed an interest in built environments and the possibility of experiencing the natural world through human-made spaces. This newfound passion sent him back to school, where he earned dual master’s degrees in architecture and ecological design. Since that time, Chip has centered his work on exploring the relationship between built and natural environments—a dynamic that drives his design philosophy and balances the ecological and human scales.

Chip forges lasting client partnerships which are the result of his careful listening and bringing creative, innovative ideas to the table. He thrives on client involvement and collaboration, and he has a knack for bringing the brightest talents together to form teams that take each project to the next level.

Always an enthusiastic student of the natural world, Chip worked as a mountain guide before grad school, leading small groups through the peaks of Alaska and Colorado and climbing throughout Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. When he’s not in the office, Chip is usually skiing, climbing, trail running, or spending time in nature with his family.